The Great Indian Film Festival is a touring film festival that aims to bring global filmmakers & cultures together on a single platform for the global exchange of short format cinema.

"Rising Stars Film Festival" is a TGIFF initiative where we set out to find the raw, hidden talent of young filmmakers. Our goal is to inspire children to pick up mobile phones or cameras and express their thoughts through a short film, documentary or music video.

The young creators are encouraged to tell stories that have at their core relevant issues and themes that impact their world today &  provide a direction to their voice and effort. 

The selected films are shown every year at a grand venue in Dubai and awards are given in the following categories:


Best Film “Films by Children”

Best Director “Films by Children

Best Film “Films for Children”

Best Director “Films for Children"


The Rising Star


The Stars Hub “Supporting Rising Stars”



Submit your film to the Rising Stars